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Yazıcı-dostu sürüm

As determined by its definition, Yunus Emre Enstitüsü carries out its activities under two main titles as Teaching Turkish to Foreigners, and Culture and Art. Accordingly, executive departments have been formed to support these two fields of activities. Works for Teaching Turkish to Foreigners are carried out by the Turkish Education Department, Exam Centre Department and Turkology Department. The activities performed and the projects developed for culture and art are carried out by the Department of Culture and Art, and the Department of Project Development. The support services required to perform all these activities are carried out by the Department of Human Resources, the Department of Financial Affairs, the Department of Corporate Communications, the Department of Logistics and Administrative Works, and the Department of Purchasing.

Annual activity and budget plans of the Institute, necessary in-house and off-site meetings within the scope of strategic planning, workshops, annual reports, and necessary works and analyses for growth targets are carried out by the Department of Strategy Development.

Creating and tracking the daily work schedule of the Institute Director, coordinating the domestic and foreign programs of the Director, maintaining the communication between the office of the Director and other departments and institutions are carried out by the Department of Private Secretary.